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Bronchitis during pregnancy

bronchitis while pregnantBronchitis in pregnancy
It's no secret that pregnancy for any of the women always becomes the most important and crucial period. And of course during this period, women must keep not only their life, but also the little new life.

Because pregnant women responsible for the health and life of unborn baby. Any of the mothers is struggling to avoid all sorts of dangerous diseases, and everything to do no harm for life growing inside.

However, unfortunately, not always her Herculean efforts can succeed. For example the extremely adverse weather conditions or just floating in the air dangerous viruses can still take up residence in the body of most pregnant women, thus causing all sorts of dangerous diseases.

During pregnancy, women’s immunity is weakened, and women are really more prone to various viral diseases. The most frequent complication that plagued the woman’s health is usually acute bronchitis.

Most often, bronchitis can overtake a pregnant woman in spring or autumn - when it is too wet and u weather is unstable. Numerous viruses provoking the disease are directly transferred through the air from an infected person to a healthy person easily. Typically, future moms always face sharp, or, as it is called by physicians, a primary bronchitis.

The main symptoms of it as a bad cold and powerful cough - at first symptoms may be minor, but day by day they are increasing dramatically. Most often women tormented dry and very portable hard cough, without separation of any phlegm. Bronchitis can sometimes be accompanied by a sharp increase of body temperature, as well with pain in the chest, and more specifically in the respiratory tract, general weakness and malaise, of course.

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We must know that with proper and timely treatment major diseases, among them is bronchitis, can’t be a real risk to your unborn baby, and they are not able to influence the course of the pregnancy dramatically. But it is still necessary to treat bronchitis for all pregnant women, otherwise the consequences could, unfortunately, be very, very unpleasant. After all, except for the fact that bronchitis is usually accompanied by a complicated and painful cough, as well as extremely difficult breathing for most future moms, it’s more advanced forms, and can be potentially harmful to her fetus. Thus, if there is not adequate treatment of bronchitis, exists the danger of transition of the disease in its more severe form. In this case, it is already possibility for intrauterine infection for your unborn baby.

In addition for the extremely unpleasant suffocating cough women’s lungs are not qualitatively ventilated, and this leads to the fact that the baby is poorly supplied with oxygen. And as you know, this may already cause the development of a dangerous condition called hypoxia. And, besides, during severe coughing your stomach muscles will constantly shrink, this may even result in uterine bleeding. And so if there is the first, even not confident sign of bronchitis, you should ask for appropriate treatment of it without any delay.

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Remember the very first thing that is vital to a pregnant woman with such a disease like bronchitis - is hearty and warm drinks. As a general rule it should be a simple tea with raspberries or with honey and lemon, warm milk with added butter or honey. As well it is necessary for pregnant woman to provide all necessary vitamins will help ordinary apples, onions or garlic. In cases where cough is too dry and does not stop, your doctor can prescribe you a special so-called expectorants and mucolytics. Usually it is Bromhexine, Mucaltin or mixture of termopsisa. As well inhalation with some essential oils, for example, such as camphor, thyme, can help.

Facts about pregnancy: Fewer than 10% of babies are born on their exact due date, 50% are born within one week of the due date, and 90% are born within two weeks of the date

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