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Sex During Pregnancy - Its Pregnancy
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Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy in the first trimester

In the first trimester, womens sexual desires diminish. This may be due to toxicity, nausea, vomiting, and a perversion of many taste and olfactory sensations. In addition, often in the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman is in a sleepy, sluggish and maudlin state.

Drawing pain in the breast can give her not the most pleasant feeling. Women are emotional, often inadequately react to rather banal everyday situations. Men usually are scared by such changes in their wifes’ lives. They begin to overcome the idea that it will only get harder. Mutual recriminations and insults occur.

The conflicts which, to be honest, earlier resolved in bed, now only get worse . In this situation, it seems that there is no escape. But in fact, everything is not so sad. Because, oddly enough, it will be only easier.

Sex during pregnancy in the second trimester

In the second trimester the mother-to-be is usually left by all the fears and anxieties. Her health is greatly improved. In addition, fetal movements, which are felt after 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, regularly suggest a woman with a baby that’s all right. A pregnant woman is showing her protruding belly, it is still quite small and does not cause discomfort to his mother .

On the contrary, such tummy is very sexy. Well-being of future mum leads to an increasing desire of good feeling. Man finally resigns himself to the role of the father, so the middle of pregnancy is often a second honeymoon for couples.

Doctors also largely positive about sex is in the second trimester because the fetus is finally fixed in the womb, and new hormonal surges in the body are not yet in sight.

Sex during pregnancy in the third trimester

In the third trimester the desire spouses are down again on several objective and subjective reasons. This is due primarily to the physical discomfort of women as well as a large stomach is already difficult to embrace, and the proximity of her husband may be uncomfortable. During sex, a woman may have pain. The changing emotional state of women also leaves its mark: the fear of the approaching birth and uncertainty has a negative impact on libido. By the way, with the approach of the labor men are also having more problem. Even if you leave the psychological aspects associated with the appearance of the child in the family out, the man are still loaded with organizational problems. All this is reflected in the sexual activity of the father-to-be.

It is very well if the parabola of sexuality during the pregnancy coincides for both men and women. But there is often a mismatch of desires, which leads to problems and misunderstanding. In this case, the only hope is the wisdom of each. It is recommended for the man to treat a pregnant woman gently and patiently, to show attention and affection. Women should also be remembered that it is necessary to respect others and not turn into a moody and selfish creature.

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