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Infections during pregnancy: how to avoid trouble before? - Its Pregnancy
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Infections during pregnancy: how to avoid trouble before?

Infections in pregnancy – a phenomenon that can be threatening. First of all, because it carries a double threat – not only the woman herself, but her child. Fortunately, the risk can be reduced to a minimum – if the time to take the necessary measures. The best time for this – planning pregnancy, infections during this period can be relatively easy to cure with no threat to the child and to take measures to avoid contamination.

Therefore, infection during pregnancy and the risk they should be diagnosed before conception. Otherwise, do not avoid problems or children or expectant mother. In medicine, there is an abbreviation stands for To.RCH it so: To – Toxoplasma (toxoplasmosis) – Rubella (German measles) – Cytomegalovirus (CMV) – Herpes (cold sores). It’s four most dangerous infections during pregnancy, the disease that during pregnancy poses a serious threat to the child. Toxoplasma infection is very common disease that is often asymptomatic and do not pose a threat to the body. The exception – pregnancy, it was then infected with toxoplasmosis is most dangerous. The main infectious agent – Toksoplasma gondi, parasite, and the most frequent media – all members of the cat and the cat family. Can be infected by other animals, and soil. It is important to remember that the danger is only primary infection with toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. In this case, the agents of infection during pregnancy transmitted to the child, and often he is born with severe abnormalities. However, if a woman has overcome her illness and the body produces antibodies, then do not worry – there is practically no risk of infection. It is therefore important to establish not only the presence or absence of infection, but also the presence of antibodies. If you do not have immunity, then the woman should take extra precautions. First of all, you need to be regularly examined by a doctor – an infection in early pregnancy can be treated successfully without threat to the fetus, unless, of course, will be diagnosed in time. Second, you can protect yourself from toxoplasmosis, observing the elementary rules of hygiene. First of all, with respect to the cat.


Before conception and during pregnancy to protect the woman from communicating with all the cats: temporarily give your pet to a friend, avoid visiting homes where they live cats and, of course, do not play with stray animals. If it is impossible to protect the mother-of-care pet, then all work should be carried out in rubber gloves. You must be neat and in contact with raw meat. All meat meal should be well cooked or fried, and then work in the kitchen should always wash their hands thoroughly. It should not be working with their bare hands to the ground in the garden or the garden, and best of all and not do it. Compliance with these seemingly simple rules of hygiene will reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis infection to a minimum. Rubella Again we have to deal with latent infection in pregnancy. Rubella has no clearly defined symptoms, so it is difficult to diagnose. Judge for yourself: slight fever, redness of the cornea, inflammation of the lymph nodes, runny nose – very few people give importance to such attributes.

Meanwhile, all this can be a symptom of the disease. The risk of contamination of the child in the womb is very high – about 90%. It is therefore necessary to take protective measures against this infection before pregnancy. Fortunately, it is enough to just vaccinations, then the chance to catch the disease is virtually zero. But it is important to remember that vaccinated against infection during pregnancy can not, therefore, should take care of it beforehand. Cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy – is perhaps one of the most feared diseases for the mother. The virus is especially dangerous in the early stages – infection can lead to fetal death. Sometimes the infection may not manifest itself within 2-4 years after the birth of an infected child, causing sudden blindness, deafness, speech or hindered mental development. CMV disease during pregnancy often leads to its artificial interruption. Unfortunately, there is absolutely safe vaccine against this infection does not exist. Moreover, once having got into the blood, the virus remains permanently in the body. But the disease is not contagious, so that the infection has penetrated into the body, requires prolonged and close contact with humans: a joint leisure time, kissing, sex. It is also possible through infected blood. When pregnancy is to have it in mind to reduce the risk of disease. But even a female carrier of the virus has a chance of having a healthy baby. If you pass the pre-pregnancy tests for viruses and detect the disease in time, with the help of special preparations can reduce the activity of the pathogen in the body. And yet – and the risk to the unborn child. This is a common genital herpes infection during pregnancy as it begins to threaten the child. No matter where in the disease makes itself felt – on the lips or genitals. Both forms are dangerous because they cause the same virus. Like all of TORCH infection during pregnancy is the most dangerous infection of herpes. In this case, the virus can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or fetal malformations. There is a chance that the disease does not affect the baby, but it is very small.

And so it is worth taking care of your health and your baby in advance. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the sick woman with herpes before. If so, this is good – in her body produces antibodies that will protect the child from the virus. Otherwise, you must undergo regular medical examination – time to infection can be detected in time and neutralized, and the child will be born healthy. Unfortunately, drugs that could completely destroy the herpes virus in the body does not exist. But it is possible to reduce its activity.

You can also use ointments and creams. Acyclovir is effective enough, but it should be used cautiously, first consulting a physician. This is not a complete list of viruses that threaten the future mother. Infections during pregnancy are dangerous in any of your manifestation. The main thing – do not panic. Even at the planning stage can identify the main threats to the health of your baby and be ready in time to take the necessary measures. The belief that you are ready to become a mother is not only morally but also physically – the best protection from the dangers of his position.

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