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Running in pregnancy - Its Pregnancy
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Running in pregnancy

Pregnancy – it is not only the joy of the upcoming birth of a baby, anticipation and anxiety, it is also a lot of questions, among which is running during pregnancy. Is it possible to continue to run during pregnancy? Yes, exactly – not begin, and continue. Pregnancy – not a time to experiment, so to discover new sports should be postponed at least until the end of the postpartum period. The same expectant mothers who engaged in running earlier, we offer some advice on the topic “Running in pregnancy.”

Reservation that these recommendations can not be universal for all categories of pregnant women, and the possibility of physical activity during pregnancy, it is mandatory to discuss with the attending physician.

Absolute contraindications

Let’s start with the most important – contraindications. If they are, then a run better to forget, for the sake of the future health of the child and most moms.

Immediately should abandon racing and other cyclic loads associated with a concussion in the body:

Threatened miscarriage;
pregnancy was the result of IVF (in vitro fertilization);
pregnancy, occurring on the background of liver disease, kidney disease, cardiovascular system;
miscarriage or premature birth;
placenta previa;
any pathologies utero-placental blood flow;
multiple pregnancy;
suspected fetal anomalies and diseases;
uterine bleeding.
These categories of pregnant women advice on permitted types of exercise can give a doctor observing pregnancy.

About mom and baby

With that exercise during pregnancy are needed – no one disputes. But the pregnancy, even uneventful in healthy mothers, should not become a test of endurance.

Examples of athletes set records, being in “the family way” – not a cause for mass imitation: how and how many trained athletes are able to evaluate only their colleagues.

First, the body is trained professionals for years, and that for “ordinary” women seem to work for wear, for runners with experience will be a small walk.

Secondly, accustomed to stress the body will take no worse training than regular classes.

Third, pregnancy is a physiological doping, but only for a healthy, trained women.

Finally, as would be sad as it sounds, is not always a woman’s desire to save the child and the opportunity to refuse the same competition.

But complete rest is bad woman and unborn baby. The optimal level of activity keeps in shape cardiovascular, nervous system, improve the condition of the utero-placental blood flow.

Joint flexibility and muscle strength will facilitate the process of delivery and the postpartum period, will soon bounce back, will not be “spoiled” figure. I exercise regularly pregnant very rarely develop hemorrhoids, varicose veins, obesity, uterine inertia.

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How to run during pregnancy

Run a healthy pregnancy, and was formerly the sport can begin after consultation with the doctor and after exclusion of possible problems. Running should be easy, but do not jog, the best option – the alternation of light jogging five minutes with ten minutes of vigorous walking with consequent health. Time training – no more than 30 minutes.

To find out if the body does not experience future moms overload, we must remember that the maximum heart rate while running should not exceed 60% of normal, age-pulse rate in the first trimester, and no more than 75% in the second to the middle of the third (not later than jogging allowed). T

This mode of running usefull until the second trimester of pregnancy. Next, decide whether you should take lessons together with your doctor.

Where to run in pregnancy

For the pregnant girl, it is essential to run in the right conditions.

Not recommended for running in the gym, along roads and within dense urban areas – stuffiness, odors, toxic emissions, lack of fresh air can adversely have an effect on the mother and the fetus. In hot weather it is better to postpone the race and replace it with gymnastics or yoga.

And the important thing to remember: any complaints, malaise, unexplained appearance of sensations – it is a reason to stop running during pregnancy and seek antenatal care to ascertain the state of health of mother and unborn baby.

The RunnersWorld website has a very good article about everything you need to know about running during pregnancy.

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running in pregnancy

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