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Psychological Preparation Before Childbirth - Its Pregnancy
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Psychological Preparation Before Childbirth

Psychological preparation before childbirth is one of the most important components of the preparation for childbirth in general. For most women, the word “labor” is associated with the word “pain.” And all the problems start there. After all, this is the physiology of pain, the more you are afraid of it the stronger it gets.
That why it is important in the psychological preparation to get tuned to the fact that labor is not necessarily painful and the main thing it’s the birth of your baby. The problem is, that in our society pregnancy has became a diagnosis, but not a normal and happy state for woman, who expects a new life. It is also sad that many women are uncertain of how childbirth process goes on and what is going on with her and her baby during it.
So, in order.
What is the cause of pain during childbirth? As you know, at the first stage of labor, the disclosure period, the uterus is rapidly contracting. In connection with these spasms women have an unpleasant pain in the abdomen, the parodynia. How can you reduce their intensity? That’s right, relax. And for this there are several methods:
1) Psychological preparation before childbirth: Motivational
When a person keeps repeating the same phrase, his body begins to believe that the he is saying. For this it is necessary to remember a few rules. Firstly, the phrase must be in the present, and secondly, no particles “no”! Examples of wrong sentences – It does hurt, I will not be afraid. Examples of correct sentences – I’m calm, I’m totally relaxed. Once you learn to relax – you will feel great relief.
2) Psychological preparation before childbirth: Visualization

Visualization is a process vivid pictorial representation of something in order to achieve some goals. If you have developed creative thinking, if you are able to present any bright picture – this method is for you. Once you start to dream about something, your body thinks it’s already happening to you, and behaves accordingly. For example, imagine that you are a flower bud, which is about to blossom out. Or imagine that you are on the beach, next to noisy surf and sun is shining brightly. In general, dream whatever you want as long as it is in a positive way. And as soon as the body attunes to a positive wave – it will start producing endorphins, hormones of happiness, which are excellent natural painkillers.

3) Psychological preparation before childbirth: Breathing

And, of course, do not forget about proper breathing. Correct breathing is the key to healthy and pain-free birth.

When does the second stage of labor starts, the period of exile and struggles, it is on the contrary, not desirable to relax. At this time, the woman becomes a lot easier, because she can already do something. If you push in the right way you will feel considerable relief. Nature has provided you with everything you need to deliver a successfully. You have to remember this and repeat it all the time.
Well, of course, we must remember that the pain is created by nature not in order to make you suffer. The main purpose of pain – to warn that something is wrong. So try to change the attitude to pain. Treat it not as an enemy, but as your best advisor. That pain will tell you that you need to do for a successful process of delivery. It reminds you that you need to relax, to release the child, what position to take, and more.
And do not forget that all the emotions that you feel will be transmitted to your baby. So if you are in labor joyous and happy he will soon see it. And if you are afraid – your child will also be afraid.
The main thing is a positive attitude, and everything will be fine. Happy birth to you!

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