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Pregnancy after Caesarean section - Its Pregnancy
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Pregnancy after Caesarean section

Cesarean section is an operation extracting the fetus through an incision in the abdominal wall of the mother.

This rapid delivery, and the fear of how to proceed next pregnancy after a caesarean section is justified and understandable. During the surgery is traumatic womb, the baby is extracted through an incision in the lower segment of it, which means that the next pregnancy – a pregnancy with uterine scar.

How will occur the second pregnancy after cesarean section, largely depends on how you held the postoperative period after the first operation, as well as on how long passed between caesarean section and the second pregnancy.

Early pregnancy after a caesarean section is not desirable, because scar tissue is a kind of maturation, and only after a certain time, the scar is gaining the necessary strength. Obstetricians consider optimal for delivery after cesarean for two years.

If a child is born as a result of cesarean, at least two years must be carefully protected from unwanted pregnancy but also to delay for more than two years following the pregnancy is not necessary. The scar on the uterus becomes strong after 2 years and then begin to atrophy, ie, thinning, and the risk of birth may be higher.

Planning for pregnancy after cesarean section does not depend on the number of cesarean deliveries you have had. Re-operation is carried out by the old scar on his dissection, and thus wound healing in the uterine wall is the same as after the first operation. Thus, pregnancy after two caesarean sections will take place as well as after a surgery, accident that in the past two children were born so there. The third pregnancy after cesarean section will proceed with the same risk as the second.

What are the risks carries the pregnancy and birth after cesarean?

– The main problem may be failure of the uterine scar. The risk is higher if early pregnancy or after the first operation was for many years. Clinically it is manifested by pain constant aching or sharp character of the abdomen, in fact, where you have a scar after the first operation. The most common complication in late pregnancy or during labor is, if you were allowed to try a second time to give birth to yourself, and always an indication for urgent delivery.


– Other, uncommon complication is the increment of the placenta. In the area of the scar is not the normal endometrium, and if the placenta is attached low and the front wall of the uterus, the risk increment above. A problem is detected in the third stage of labor, or after removal of a child with repeated cesarean section. In some cases, when the placenta can not be separated and developed bleeding threatens the life of the mother could end up removing the uterus.

Early pregnancy is dangerous, but even more dangerous abortion after cesarean section. Moreover, the smaller the period of operation, the higher the risk of complications. The risk of birth is less than the risk of abortion, why not after cesarean rely on breastfeeding as a contraceptive method, care must be taken to secure the prevention of pregnancy.

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