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How to speed up labor? - Its Pregnancy
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How to speed up labor?

This question is you can start asking yourself already with 37-38 weeks, because at the end of pregnancy, the time runs very slowly, and the woman is experiencing considerable discomfort. Your belly is so big that he wants to get rid all the pain, the endless pain in the bones, shortness of breath, clumsiness, frequent urge to the toilet, painful kicking baby, heartburn, constipation, painful …

You can understand, but the kid chooses the time of his birth, and harmless as a way to accelerate the onset of labor there. In any case, if the labor does not start – then just do not have time.

PDR, a preliminary date of birth, the doctor evaluates the basis of the date of the first day of your last menstrual period. The difference in the length of the cycle in different women, particularly pregnancy, due to heredity, can lead to significant deviations from this date. About a day labor may fall on the period from the beginning of 37 weeks of pregnancy until the end of 42 weeks, spread over a month, and all this time, women are in a suspense date of treasured. It does not matter where, what is pregnancy, childbirth always want to accelerate, however, second births often occur a little earlier and, therefore, first have to wait less.

If you have a medical condition, doctors may call the labor with medication, but if the mother and fetus are healthy, is it possible to speed up delivery and not dangerous is it?

Births occur when several conditions are met:

– The child is ready to be born and the mother takes the hormone signals about it.

– The cervix is ripe and soft.

– In women formed the dominant genera – the body set up to delivery.

If either condition is not satisfied – delivery will not begin, and when active stimulation, including medical, will occur pathologically (with the process of cervical dilatation, uterine inertia forces and so on). If you speed up, cause, encourage labor artificially, it will bring more harm than good. Any stimulation should have a medical condition, such as perenashivanie, preeclampsia, Rhesus-conflict, fetal hypoxia.


The people there are many ways to accelerate the onset of labor. I must say that they all have certain risks, and costs 10 times to consider whether to apply them. While the child is not ready to be born – the acceleration of the onset of labor only to harm. This is a whim of the expectant mother may lead to violations of labor, complicated births, and even to such terrible complications as abruptio placenta.

Ways to speed up delivery:

– Even doctors believe that sex accelerates the delivery. This is explained by the presence of prostaglandins in the male sperm, and is a prerequisite for unprotected sex. Thanks prostaglandins soften the cervix and is preparing to leave. It should be noted that muzheterapiya have contraindications, such as placenta previa or low placentation, it can cause bleeding, and in the presence of genital infection in her husband’s unprotected sex can lead to infectious complications. Ask your doctor how you can speed up the delivery in your case, if the time drew near, and let Does sex for this purpose. You can find tips on how to completely wild accelerate the date of birth, for example, to try anal sex. Believe me, anal fissure or hemorrhoids aggravated not give you pleasure.

– Capsules containing evening primrose oil. This dietary supplement that contains gamma-linolenic acid, which is a precursor of prostaglandins and thereby also stimulates their education and prepare the cervix for labor, accelerating its maturation.

– Massage the nipples is one of the ways that you can just speed up the delivery, but subject to the mature cervix, when the body is ready for them. Massage causes the release of oxytocin into the blood, and this hormone is responsible for the fight. If there was a threat, certainly not encouraged obstetricians to touch the breast, is now the opposite is true.

– Motor activity is another way how to speed up the day of birth. With that one must be cautious, overdo it – will be in the delivery room lying down with fatigue, how to give birth? Recommended: walking, walking long distances, wash floors (always on their heels!), Hanging curtains (gently tilting the head with dizziness loss of balance), walking up the stairs and down, and do it sideways. Walking, lifting his knees high, dancing, swimming. You should not jump and run. Motor activity is likely the fight, when the cervix is not ready it is – a waste of strength, no effect.

– Raspberry jam, raspberry leaves, brewed in view of the tea – stimulates contractions start, if the cervix is not ripe – do not cause birth will be applied no earlier than 37 weeks.

– A variety of laxatives and cocktails can accelerate the approach of giving birth. The oldest way to grandma’s castor oil into 50 ml of oil. Effect of a laxative within 4 hours, usually very strong, as the uterus and intestines together and have a kinship with the innervation of the mature cervix may begin delivery. Enemas have the same effect. For this purpose, is recommended to drink olive oil or refined sunflower oil, beet is, however, should caution against the use of recipes with champagne and red wine. This will get all the alcohol and your child too, and if suddenly generations will not, be on the operating table while intoxicated …

– Experiments with food, such as overeating, and in contrast, fasting, eating spicy or sour lemons in immoderate quantities should not be practiced. Harmful for you and your baby.

– To frighten the child with loud sounds (singing, a visit to noisy places such as cinemas), is not true, why would he this stress?

Daring to try to rush your baby, keep in mind ways to accelerate the delivery a lot, but they should not be used without consulting a doctor. Each pregnancy is unique, and even if you have 40 weeks, birth does not start, it can be fully normal. Menstrual cycle length of more than 28 days moves on each extra day of their date of birth length, which is why the normal time have a large spread of the DDA.

The right thing, if you’re healthy and all is well with your child – just be patient and wait, the child knows best when it fate to be born

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