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Forerunners of birth, home birth - Its Pregnancy
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Forerunners of birth, home birth

Where to start labor?

This question is probably worried about any pregnant woman, and the nearer the hour of X, the higher the anxiety. Listening to their feelings, catching any symptoms, pregnant women spend the last weeks of pregnancy.

Many curious about how to start at birth, wakes up almost from the first positive pregnancy test, and does not let up until the baby is born.

Let’s see what the harbingers of delivery, false labor pains, and when to say it – the beginning of labor.

Forerunners of birth

As early as 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, women are beginning to note that the uterus periodically comes to tone. It is a painless sensation of tension of the uterus, with the feeling when you can see that the stomach hardens and stiffens. This is not the fight, and not even precursors of …

Forerunners of labor usually appear about a month – 2 weeks before the event itself, and can cause a lot of anxiety. Forerunners of labor in primiparous usually appear earlier than in repeated births, but they are less pronounced, in multiparous women, they may appear a few days, almost immediately before delivery.

Forerunners of labor is a complex of symptoms, which is a kind of play events and establish the necessary links in the body of the future mothers who will provide the normal course of labor.

To a large extent, responsible for the development of the nervous system of labor by women and to ensure that all ended well, it is necessary to establish appropriate neural connections, formed the so-called dominant genera. Clearly, if a woman has given birth, it is faster on the previously developed scenario, and the shorter the interval between births, the easier it is happening. That is why the re-birth are shorter, and the harbingers of re-birth as well take less time and more pronounced.

When the precursors begin delivery? They usually occur in 37 – 38 – 39 – 40 weeks pregnant.


How many harbingers of last delivery? They usually continue until the onset of labor, but it can happen in a month, and after 2 weeks, and after a couple of days.

So, what is said about what will soon begin labor? What are the harbingers of birth?

Losing weight before delivery

Women can lose up to 2 kg of body weight for 1-2 weeks before delivery. This is due to hormonal changes in the body decreases the amount of progesterone in the blood and increases the amount of estrogen. Progesterone promotes fluid retention, and when its level falls, the liquid appears, a woman loses weight. This is the earliest harbingers of birth.

Lowering the abdomen

Lowering the abdomen during pregnancy is a symptom that is not always noticed. In recent weeks, the baby in the womb is so much space that it can literally butt rest against the edges, preventing mother to breathe, bend, and even causing pain. But a few days before the birth of his head pressed against the pelvic bones, which causes lowering of the abdomen before birth. Especially those seen signs of the precursors of labor in primiparous, with the second and third child labor may fall just before the actual event.

Signs of lowering the abdomen – is to facilitate breathing, feeling that he was less and less bother and at the same time, it may cause some discomfort of another plan. The head presses on your bladder, and you’re constantly running around in a toilet at the same time, there is a great go can be difficult, constipation can be confusing.

If you notice these symptoms, it does not mean that tomorrow will begin deliveries, lower abdomen can happen even a month before the event itself, are the first harbingers of birth, of those that come before anyone else.

Changing attitudes

For most women, characterized by the emergence of apathy, fatigue, a desire to sleep before delivery. Some ladies on the contrary, excessively active, and on the tenth stroke, and sorted out the contents of the diaper bag for the hospital syndrome (nesting).

Both options are normal, it is better to obey their wishes. If you want to sleep – sleep, gain strength, they will need very soon.

Discharge, discharge of cork before delivery

During pregnancy, the cervix is closed mucous plug is a thick mucus, lump covering the cervix and prevents the penetration of infection to the fetus.

The opening of the cervix before labor starts early. First, it shortens and flattens gradually its channel opens, it is called cervical ripening. To leave it will be very soft and smoother, this is a preparatory opening of the cervix during pregnancy is provided as a training fights once, and only the mature cervix will allow leave to develop normally.

It should be noted that pregnant women re-opening occurs just before birth, or even themselves with their start. In primigravidas opening of the cervix 2 fingers may already be at the time of admission to the hospital in advance, before the start of active labor, they have this process is extended in time and start early.

Signs of the opening of the cervix – discharge from the genital tract. Selection – the harbingers of birth due to discharge of mucus plug. Even if the mucus plug has departed, when to begin deliveries can not be predicted. Plug before delivery is a ball of mucus, one and a half to two inches in diameter, it can be a different color, and transparent, and yellow, and brown, and even streaked with crimson blood. All these are normal variations.

Cork departs in many ways, it takes someone a few days and then go muco-spotting someone she departs at once. The most common genera begin within the next week after the appearance of these selections.

Violation of appetite

Most disturbed appetite for 1-2 days before giving birth, do not want to eat. This is normal and should not be a cause.

Subsided motor activity of the child

A child before birth for two – three weeks of moving less. Sometimes there is no perturbations for 6-7 hours, which makes her mother worried, but everything is okay with the baby. The absence of perturbations due to the fact that the child is simply nowhere to turn, the uterus becomes very crowded.

Needless restless baby before birth – a reason to consult a gynecologist, possible intrauterine fetal hypoxia.

Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea

Nausea is not a forerunner of sorts of the most pleasant and happy that it comes just before birth and most are not at all. But for some women is not only nausea, but vomiting.

These harbingers of birth as diarrhea occur more frequently and may be a couple of days before giving birth.

All these symptoms are not the most pleasant kind of liberation of the road baby, intestines before birth must be empty, so as not to interfere with the child to pass through the birth canal, and nature has taken care of that.

Perineal pain, pain in the sacrum and pubis

Lowering the baby’s head down, the divergence of the pelvis cause pain in this area.

False contractions

Training bout before delivery, or false labor, contractions of the uterus is very reminiscent of the real fight. Quite often at first birth, they injected pregnant misleading and makes an urgent appeal to the hospital.

Even before they begin labor, false labor can deplete the nervous system, if you accept them seriously. Yes, this is a precursor of sorts, but not birth, may take another two weeks before you give birth.

What are they training bout before birth?

This contraction of the uterus, some painful, the pain like the one that worries sometimes when menstruation is not the feeling that pulls the stomach that had happened before, but a real pain, the incoming attacks, pain in the abdomen and lower back, the growing wave and released.

But it is not so strong and prolonged, so that you have experienced this discomfort, you may well continue to do their own thing, despite its presence.

If this is the only harbingers of labor, contractions are unstable and not regular. They can be confusing with different intervals (5-15 min) for a few hours and stopped completely, as if nothing nebylo.

To understand the fight or not, we need only note the time between them. If they do not grow in length and spacing and are messy and time-consuming – it is not labor.

If this is your first pregnancy and up to the hospital did not have to go more than an hour, do not go there immediately. Deliveries for the first time last long enough, and even if you make a mistake, a catastrophe will not happen. Try to take a warm bath, drink a pill burdens, nN and go to bed. Chances are you fall asleep peacefully.

Sometimes, false labor pains turn into real labor. The intervals are shortened, lengthened and intensified the fight, and then just – it’s time to the hospital.

What are the harbingers of birth say about the danger and require immediate treatment in the hospital?

– Precursors of preterm birth similar to that described above. The development of such symptoms before 35 weeks of opportunity to urgently appeal to a gynecologist. Premature opening of the cervix and labors may develop in mid-pregnancy when it is not due to the consistency of abortion injuries, transactions, and previous births.

– The appearance of the genital tract of pure red blood, at any stage – a threat to the child’s life.

– The appearance of amniotic fluid leakage. This feeling of damp, watery discharge, increased by motion. If you have noticed this – the doctor should seek immediate risk of infection of the uterus and fetus. Leakage of water helps to distinguish between the wearing of white cloth pads, it is easy to assess the nature of the secretions, amniotic fluid does not smell, usually transparent. There may be brown (very bad sign), or green from admixture of meconium (too badly).

Signs of labor

With the forerunners like we figured out, but what do start labor? Then you’ll smile, remembering how afraid to miss this moment, but not now, now it’s probably one of the main fears, and it seems that you can skip generations. Do not worry, childbirth is something that you will not be able to sleep.

What determines the onset of labor?

Of course, on whether you are ready and the child to them. Maturation of the cervix, the formation of the necessary neural connections, and hormonal causes, symptoms that begin delivery.

The first signs of beginning labor may appear on the period from 37 to 42 weeks if labor does not begin on time, doctors try to accelerate the onset of labor.

Usually, the second delivery begins earlier. If labor does not begin, carried out to prepare the cervix. Very often brings great benefit to sex, when went into labor after having sex more than enough.

At what time of starting labor?

Ironically, most of the children chosen for the birth of night. This is due to daily fluctuations of hormones in the blood of women, the optimal level of their usual in the early morning hours, which is why labor starts at night.

Are there differences in how to develop a generic activity in different genera? Yes, there is. And it depends on many factors, for example, on what was a period between pregnancies, in what period they started.

How to start premature labor? Usually, if the first symptoms of preterm labor are started the fight, and if a woman goes to hospital in time, it is regarded as a threat of premature birth and in most cases it is possible to stop labor if the cervix of the uterus has not gone too far.

It is much sadder, if preterm labor starts with the rupture of membranes. In severe prematurity may prolong the pregnancy for several days and even weeks, but in most cases the baby is born.

How and when to begin the first birth?

First birth often begin with the term of 40 or more weeks, and preceded by a sufficiently long period of precursors. The most common precursors smoothly into the generic activities, having before that a lot of nerve damage and forcing the mother is not just apply to the gynecologists with suspicion at the beginning of labor.

How to start the second, third generations?

Usually at an earlier period than the first, 38-40 weeks, and develop more rapidly. The period of the precursors or the bright short, a few days, or non-existent.

How to recognize the onset of labor is usually before the mother of the future the question is not even worth it, she remembers how it is. Contractions are not the only option the onset of labor. Home delivery may be different …

– Go to the ancestral precursor of labor activity. The frequency of contractions before delivery increases, the strength of increases, the intervals are shortened and become rhythmic.

– Self-emergence of labor. Regular contractions begin at the beginning and gradually increase.

– Premature rupture of membranes. It should be noted that the onset of labor is usually easy to recognize a woman, and always have a big emotional lift, there is discipline and willingness to fight, you will experience the joy and relief at a time. And of course, will attend the anxiety and fear, how else? Even the beginning of the second birth is a step into the unknown.

Let’s look at all the signs of the onset of labor.

Go precursor delivery, false labor, the real battle

You may be experiencing false labor pains for a week – the other, but they did not become regular, were full. But this time it will not. The first signs of the onset of labor is short intervals between contractions and strengthen them, they become longer. If the false contractions you could go to bed and fall asleep, could distract them from the business – if this is the beginning of delivery – the fight will take all your attention.

If this is the beginning of labor, as is the development of labor? If you are training hard to call them battles painful, how to understand what went into labor is not difficult: the pain becomes severe. This pain is not similar to menstrual. This pressure in the lumbar region, extending to the lower abdomen, with blunt aching sensations, which are amplified and then released. In between, there is no pain. First, these fights are short, 10-15 seconds, but with the development of delivery, they are becoming more frequent and longer.

When the intervals between them does not exceed 10 minutes, and they last for 40-50 seconds, it is already active labor, you just need urgent medical attention.

While the first birth does not usually last less than 12 hours, you will agree it is better to arrive earlier than late, it’s time to call an ambulance and go to the hospital.

The emergence of an independent labor

Most often repeated during childbirth childbirth precursor is very short, and delivery can begin almost immediately. The body is ready, cause the onset of labor – formed the dominant clan in the brains of women and childbirth in repeated her memory is still alive after the first birth, when there is a script that the play is developing rapidly.

And the task of how to determine the onset of labor during repeated childbirth is no longer standing, a woman familiar with all the sensations, she remembers the symptoms.

Contractions start at first not strong, but very fast growing, it is impossible to miss the beginning of labor, and sent to the hospital should be as fast as possible, often these genera are very fast. If labor begins suddenly when labor begins at home, it is an occasion to throw all of the case, will have time to do everything later. Bring instruments, a bottle of water (plain, no gas), and urgently to the hospital without waiting for her husband to work, etc.

Things you do not need the first time, they can bring tomorrow.

Premature rupture of membranes

If the waters begin to leak or pour before the fights, so they called premature rupture. Even if you have a full-term pregnancy, early labor with rupture of the amniotic fluid is not very good, especially if the first birth. The amount of water with no more than 6 hours long is called anhydrous period, in such a situation the child is at risk of intrauterine infection. Thus, even leakage of amniotic fluid, the urgent appeal to the hospital, even if the water poured out, but fights not.

At the end of pregnancy, fetal head descends into the pelvis, and presses on the bladder, makes it possible for many women this is a problem with urination. Not that I want to run to the toilet frequently, and may be even incontinence. In this situation, how to understand this and start delivery of water leakage or just incontinence?

Quite simply, it is necessary to wear a daily strip. This must be either a plain white cloth or pad with non-mesh surface, then we can easily assess the nature of discharge. Amniotic fluid from urine is very easy to distinguish.

As water breaks? It may be two options.

They may withdraw at once, 150-200 ml of fluid will result in your legs. Your task is to assess their character, to tell your doctor. In a normal amniotic fluid are bright, have no smell. In the presence of green amniotic fluid odor from them their brown color, tell your doctor must be sure, you can rest assured that you will be asked about it. Discharge of amniotic fluid may be accompanied by cramping abdominal pain.

How do you know about the onset of labor, if the water leak and simple, and no fights? Is it the water or just a selection? Tighten your stomach, slightly natuzhtes. If you feel this increased discharge, no doubt, it is amniotic fluid, and it is necessary to the hospital.

When the pregnancy is already large, has passed for 40 weeks, and there is not even precursors of birth, there is impatience, fatigue, and irritability. I’d like to labor begins soon, and women are beginning to use different methods of acceleration, for example, cleans the house of furniture rearrangement, and develop a violent activity in the physical plane and are sexually active. It all helps to bring the onset of labor, but the tires, the best thing you can do before giving birth, it’s a little more sleep. No need to stimulate the onset of labor, time will come, and they will start, no one was even pregnant.

If you are worried, why not start at birth, ask about it at the gynecologist. It is quite probable error in the period, for example, especially if the first ultrasound was only in the second trimester.

If you need to accelerate the approach of delivery from a medical point of view, it would make medical practices, doctors, and your job is to know the signs of the onset of labor and time to determine that they have begun, and in time to get to the hospital

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