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Fashion Childbirth - Its Pregnancy
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Fashion Childbirth

Of course, talking about fashion in respect of labor a little strange. But, on the other hand, why not? Surely there must be the fashion for parenting practices, on the books, the movies. So why not be the fashion to certain innovations in labor, especially in recent years, our maternity hospitals are changing rapidly. Sometimes, Mom, even giving birth pogodok in the same hospital, faced with an entirely new rules.

Although, of course, at the very birth physiology has not changed. Birth occurs in the same way as thousands of years ago. But greatly changed attitude to the birth of the child. Today childbirth – a great holiday, it is an exciting time that most families experiencing no more than two or three times in life. Preparing for childbirth, choose hospital, physician, attending courses and reading different books. In short, the value and importance of birth as a birth of a new procedure, a member of society today is greater than ever.

Two fashion trends

Fashion is in the field of labor is developing in two directions. On the one hand it is fashionable to give birth in a modern hospital, with anesthesia, individual houses, mate. You can even shoot everything on camera. Maximum comfort and cutting-edge technology – that’s one side of the Ukrainian fashion today.

On the other hand – many women tend to give birth in the most natural settings. For example, at home or in the sea. No medical care, no doctors and pain management. It must be noted that this is a dangerous trend, because the delivery process is still unpredictable. We should not forget that before the maternity hospital mortality of children and mothers in childbirth is through the roof.

So, what is fashionable in the world of labor.

Partnership delivery

This tradition is still not completely settled down with us, but more young couples have no doubt that you need only to give birth together. Horror stories that will become impotent husband \ \ faint \ \ lose attraction to wife, etc. has little effect on anyone. More couples choose to give birth together and not regret it.


Epidural anesthesia

Hundreds of years of trying to alleviate the suffering of women in labor, looking comfortable postures and techniques, teas and ointments. But the real breakthrough came with the introduction of epidural anesthesia. Abroad, most women give birth it is with its use and many Ukrainian women are also addressed in this type of anesthesia, despite the many myths that go around the procedure.

Rooming mom and baby

Today, most major cities uncommon to come across the hospital, where children carry the children’s department. Now the child from birth until discharge stays with his mother.

Seen in the hospital

The times when the child showed through the window, hopelessly gone. Now a happy mom with a baby can come to visit just a few hours after birth. Innovation not immediately applauded by the staff of maternity hospitals, but relatives – ecstatic.

Deliveries under the contract

Opportunity to choose a doctor, anesthetist, even linens and dinner on the day of birth – every whim for your money. Of course, while still labor under the contract are not available everywhere, but more and more maternity hospitals, even government, offer a variety of paid services for pregnant women.

Births Abroad

If labor contract – it’s just expensive, labor abroad – it is very expensive. Basically that is the lot of people off. Some go abroad to give birth to a child could be a citizen of another country. In fact, citizenship by birth usually given is not everywhere, so if your goal – citizenship, specify in this respect the laws of the country in which the plan to give birth.

Collect cord blood

Umbilical cord blood for stem cells can be collected only during labor. After that, the material collected is transferred to a cryogenic bank, where it will be stored as “insurance” for the baby.

Birth in hospital without doctors

The rage – a service specifically for fans of home births. Home atmosphere, a Jacuzzi, a comfortable double bed, intimate lighting, and no hint of a hospital. New mother feels like a nice hotel room and can give birth to herself, her husband, girlfriend, mother or spiritual advisor. But in case of complications or unexpected turn of events specialists, operational and professional equipment is literally a step away from the door.

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