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Breaks or Rupture of the cervix - Its Pregnancy
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Breaks or Rupture of the cervix

Rupture of the cervix during childbirth complicates the course of labor in pregnant women from six hundred, while it is at first birth is 4 times more often.

The consequences of rupture of the cervix can be very serious if the wound was bad, or for some reason the gap is not sewed up the cervix.

The reasons are manifold ruptures of the cervix:

Inadequate management of second stage of labor, often the fault of most mothers. At the end of the first stage of labor, if not full disclosure of the cervix occurs when the first attempts to come, there is an irresistible, strong desire to push down, but because the cervix is opened only by 8 cm, attempts may cause it to break, you can not push This period should exist a. If the new mother can push ahead of time or she does not listen to nurses, the gap is quite possible complication.

Two. Reduced elasticity of the cervix, which leads to not fully disclose it, sufficient for the birth of a child, but not sufficient, for this to happen without complications. Reasons for this may be a later age at first birth for mothers, as well as in other states, reducing the elasticity of tissues, for example, the presence of scars of previous abortions and births, operations on the cervix, and its other traumatic and infectious lesions.

Three. Features of birth. Gaps occur when large fruit delivery, delivery in breech presentation, in providing obstetrical benefits (operational delivery). Contribute to tearing of the cervix discoordination of labor activity, or on the contrary, childbirth occurring too quickly.

Classification of discontinuities of the cervix.

There are three degrees of discontinuity. Typically, localized damage to the sides of the cervix on both sides.

A degree of rupture of the cervix occurs most often in this neck is damaged, not exceeding 2 cm in length

2 degree of rupture of the cervix, tears deeper than 2 cm, but do not go to the wall of the vagina.

3 degree gap, tissue damage extends to the vaults of the vagina.


Rupture of the cervix usually do not manifest the development of significant bleeding after childbirth, and without examination of the soft birth canal is not diagnosed. In grade 3 ruptures the blood can accumulate in soft tissues, tissue around the uterus, it is dangerous. Parametrial hematoma is formed, its symptoms are pain and a feeling of fullness in the pelvic area and perineum.

If you leave a gap unsutured cervical cancer, the consequences can be quite severe. The cervix is, of course, heal yourself, but that’s the edge of the gap can be twisted, improperly mapped, it is called ectropion of the cervix. By and large it is erosion, which would bother as long as it will not remove surgically. Birth after the break of the cervix may be complicated by recurrent fractures, pregnancy may be complicated by istmikotservikalnoy failure and miscarriage. All these effects are not stitched tears after childbirth, and their poor healing.

Rupture of the cervix after childbirth, even deeper, with timely treatment in the necessary volume ends with the complete restoration of form and function of the cervix.

Old breaks of the cervix if they are not treated properly, can manifest itself as erosion, or even as ectropion. This contact bleeding (spotting after sex), and recurrent inflammatory disease colpitis the cervix (cervicitis). Long existing ectropion can not be treated conservatively, and can even lead to cancer, are required reconstructive surgery on the cervix. Old rupture of the cervix and pregnancy is to re-create the risk of miscarriage, as the disturbed ability to hold the fruit of the cervix, under load it starts to unfold ahead of time, and at the same time, because of the scar and reduce the elasticity of a cervix can rupture during labor again because it can not fully develop.

All women immediately after childbirth and placenta doctor examines, assesses the extent of damage the soft birth canal. You at that time will have all the same, the procedure is easily tolerated. Gaps of 1 degree, and often a second sutured without any pain, it is not necessary, because there are no nerve receptors in this area. Can be frustrating just from the fact that stretch the birth canal, and pull the cervix (the painful perineal suturing, but not the cervix), the treatment reduces to a careful comparison of the edges of the gap closure, and the restoration of the anatomy of the neck, the joints do not require impose further withdrawal from the catgut vaginal vault to the internal os.

Postpartum does not require any special medical measures, it is only necessary to ensure sexual rest for at least 8 weeks after birth. Sex until they are healed after the rupture of the cervix can lead to erosion and contact bleeding (blood after sex after childbirth).

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