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As water breaks? - Its Pregnancy
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As water breaks?

Many pregnant women have concerns makes it possible that a very vague idea of how water breaks, and in that case you need to do.

Let’s start a little bit far away.

Amniotic fluid is that the liquid medium in which the child lives in the womb of his mother. They are vital to him, because he created the world, protect against infections and injuries, without them he would die quickly.

Amount of amniotic fluid is dependent on the duration of pregnancy, usually during normal pregnancy to term births a woman has about a half liters of amniotic fluid.

If we talk about normal pregnancy and the birth act physiologically flowing, amniotic fluid play an important role in its development. During the birth the head or other presenting part of the fruit is pressed against the woman’s pelvic bones, dividing the amniotic bubble into two parts, and the front (front of water), with each battle presses on the cervix as a wedge, helping her to open up faster. Thus, if the water broke early, this is bad, births do not go quite right.

Unfortunately, this complication accompanies every tenth pregnancy.

If the water is moved in a pregnant woman on the terms that are close to delivery, need to be hospitalized in the hospital. Even when the water retreated, and fights not for longer than 35 weeks, doctors on call, because the child is ready for the birth and continued his stay in the uterus dangerous for him and for his mother. Now the baby is defenseless, the infection can easily get to it from the vagina, and he has no room for movement, because the uterus is now fits snugly and it literally suffocates.

As water breaks during pregnancy?

Many fear that will not be able to catch this moment, and these fears are justified. How do you know that the water broke? How do I know that the water breaks, and not something else?

The fact that this is not necessarily a waterfall, in the shells can be formed very small hole, from which they will leak a little, I almost drops, but it is dangerous to the child. Given the worse in late pregnancy discharge, and some not particularly happy ladies and incontinence, which can be mistaken for water, many are beginning to think about it constantly, sometimes just a needlessly disturbing unnecessary fears.


Water waste in violation of the integrity of membranes. This can happen in different ways, and to say how much waste the time of water is impossible, someone will be a waterfall in a few seconds, someone they will leak for weeks. In any case, if the water retreated, the question of what to do, even it is not necessary, seek immediate medical attention. If they go a little and there is doubt, in any case it is necessary to the antenatal clinic.

Today, conduct special tests to determine leakage of amniotic fluid. The test will have to buy their own, and hold it a gynecologist, who will take a swab a little secret of your vagina.

Women are often in the later stages are afraid to even take a shower, not afraid to grasp that the amniotic fluid moved. Do not be afraid of it. When you leave the shower when the water retreated, they continue to leak. A reliable way to determine that the water breaks – is wearing a white cloth lining. It will provide an opportunity to objectively evaluate any selection. If excessive derogation it all at once get wet, get wet and clothes, with a very small leak you will see a wet spot, normally odorless unlike urine.

Once the water broke, the question of where to give birth to decide individually. If preterm labor and no child to the suffering of CTG and ultrasound pregnancy is prolonged. You have to lie down without getting up, take drugs, relaxing the uterus, and an antibiotic to prevent complications. You can not stay home if you do not protect the child by means of modern medicine, infection of the fetus could cost the life of both. And do not fear that the birth will be called, trying to keep the pregnancy, even if the water moved at 20 weeks. If you can lie for a few weeks, save a child. If the water broke at an early period, it is still, in any case will end in miscarriage …

What can you feel when the water breaks:

In rare cases, it is that the woman did not notice the water broke. Almost always there is an unusual feeling of moisture, many women describe their feelings as “describe”, at a time can result 100 or more milliliters of fluid. Almost immediately, with preterm rupture of membranes there is a feeling of abdominal pain, contractions, or just a periodic increase uterine tone. With low leakage can be a sense of heightened discharge, but they look strange, watery. Usually there is a leak in the sense of strengthening movements, walking.

If the fetus is experiencing hypoxia, the admixture of meconium in the amniotic fluid could give them a green color if the water brown, or pink, it’s very dangerous. Normally, the water depart bright, not colored in any color.

If you have a home water broke, you should immediately call an ambulance and go to the hospital. It does not matter on what you term, you need skilled care.

In discharge of amniotic fluid in early pregnancy when the baby premature, the earlier you contact – the greater the chances of pregnancy prolongation. If the water is a thing of the term, and should take place the other day deliveries, which took place means that you have parents in the next 6, maximum 12 hours, at least the doctors will try to be the case, because that would be best for you and your child

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