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Abdominal pain in pregnancy

Abdominal pain during pregnancy, in early and late, have a variety of reasons, and not all of them are harmless. At the same time, they sometimes cause panic needlessly. Let's try to understand the causes of abdominal pain in pregnant women, when it's worth must see a doctor.

Abdominal pain during early pregnancy

Sensation and pain in the abdomen during early pregnancy due to rush of blood to the organs of the pelvis, a rapid increase in the uterus and stretching of ligaments. The real pain when it should not be.

Rush of blood feels more like a pulse in the abdomen, it is not throbbing pain, but rather warm and heavy, throbbing in the abdomen and stress. Intensified in the blood stream, and so usually have a good genital blood flow is accompanied by rapid growth of blood vessels in the uterus and appendages, and the uterine arteries carry blood this is the fact that pulsates in the abdomen during pregnancy at an early period.

Discomfort in the abdomen during pregnancy can be caused by the same disorder of pelvic organs, intestines, bladder. As a rule, the usual complaint in the first week is dysuria, frequent urination, and constipation. Bloating and delays due to chair the influence of hormones of pregnancy by relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus at the same time, they relax and intestines, it becomes lazy and does not work. Distension, heaviness, cramps in the abdomen during pregnancy may well be associated with flatulence and constipation, while they pass, if you can go to a fully-large.

Rapidly growing uterus during pregnancy stretches the uterine ligaments, particularly uncomfortable during the first pregnancy, multiparous these complaints may not be available. The feel of the sprain is not the most pleasant feeling that shoots, colitis in the abdomen, usually on the left, burning, tingling, usually localized to the side of the uterus, not in the midline, and goes with a change in body position.

All these pains in the abdomen, if you have early pregnancy are normal, physiological, and do not require treatment. Proper nutrition, anti-constipation, reduce their leisure and they do pass. This abdominal pain is so common that it is regarded even as a sign of pregnancy, its symptoms.

Abdominal pain in late pregnancy

At later stages of abdominal pain can be caused by many reasons, do not threaten the health of your baby and your health.

Perturbations of the child. If the child is in the womb feet down, stir in the abdomen during pregnancy can be quite painful, especially in the long term. Tremors in the abdomen, when a child heel falls neatly in your bladder or rectum, may respond as a sharp pain, sometimes with the urge to urinate. Try to change position, the baby will stop pushing you into this place.

Drawing and stitching pains in the abdomen on the right or the left may be due to tension of the uterine ligaments, the uterus is increased and they are stretched more and more. How to deal with it? Helps to carry pre-natal impression.

Before birth, when the fetal head descends into the pelvis and lower, she begins to put pressure on the pelvic floor. It feels like pressure in the abdomen, during pregnancy to full term pregnancy did not feel that pressure on the perineum, the urgent appeal to the gynecologist, but before delivery only moral reason to prepare for the imminent birth.

After 25-28 weeks of pregnancy, many women begin to feel from time to time that the queen comes to tone. This is a training bout. If you are aching abdominal pain are the norm, usually just a little whining, and let go, it is not often repeated 5 times per hour while pulling the abdomen is not constant, and sometimes nothing at all worried. If at the time when so sore in the abdomen, you will lie down and relax - the pain is completely let go. Typically, your state during the training bouts completely broken, and you can sleep, eat and walk and do normal work. All that distinguishes them from the real fights.

Hazardous cause abdominal pain

Lower abdominal pain during pregnancy is not always the norm, in some cases it may be an indication of the disaster.

When should I seek immediate help:

- Acute pain in the abdomen, with the pregnancy and her life does not matter, if it has symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, delayed stool or diarrhea, fever (acute appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, acute intestinal infections, and more).

- Aching, or any other pain in early pregnancy in combination with dizziness, severe weakness and nausea, and requires the participation of a physician as soon as possible (an ectopic pregnancy?).

- Cutting in the abdomen during pregnancy, coupled with painful frequent urination, pain while cutting it, the temperature (cystitis, pyelonephritis?)

- Cramps in the abdomen during pregnancy at any stage with the appearance of any unusual discharge from the genital tract (the threat of termination, spontaneous miscarriage, childbirth, premature rupture of water and many other things can cause these symptoms).

Facts about pregnancy: Less than 1% of women in the United States choose to deliver their babies at home, while 30% of Dutch women opt for home births

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