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Vomiting in pregnancy

Vomiting During PregnancyVomiting during pregnancy worries quite a lot of women and when they recognize it they are looking for a remedy or at least how to alleviate this condition.
Vomiting during pregnancy can occur as a manifestation of early toxicity during pregnancy, due to illness, and as a functional stomach pregnancy-related disorder on the later stages of.
What vomiting during pregnancy is?
Vomiting on early stages of pregnancy

In majority of cases, vomiting on early stages of pregnancy occurs along with nausea, heartburn and a change of appetite, sensitivity to odors, which is known as early toxicosis.

When do you start vomiting during pregnancy?

Most often, for the first time this happens after 5-6 weeks. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are most likely to occur in the morning, while vomiting in the evening is also possible, as a rule, it is only a manifestation of the fact that you are too tired for a day and you certainly need to get plenty of rest.

If in the morning you feel relatively well, and when you come home after work and feel so tired that you can not even eat and you have nausea after eating, then you definitely need to do something about it . Work during pregnancy should be taken easily, seat if you feel unwell or complain to your gynecologist. Evening vomiting during pregnancy is a sign that you take on too much, and now your baby is the most important thing is to take care of yourself.

Vomiting on early pregnancy can occur after a meal, it is provoked by strong odors, sudden movements. Many products cause vomiting during pregnancy, each future mother to be has her own kinds of products, and often it happens so, that you want that particular food, , feeling real hunger, and your body categorically doesn’t accept it and hence - a gag reflex.

Vomiting in the morning during pregnancy on early stages is the most common option, but it may be repeated during the day and night, and even at night, it all depends on the severity of early toxicity.

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Constant, severe vomiting leads to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, weight loss and deterioration of the pregnant woman. Terrible state of health, the duration of the pain and the discomfort whit it causes force to find ways of stopping vomiting.

On early pregnancy toxemia is treated only if vomiting occurs more then 5 times a day. Here you can read some details about morning sickness, what medicines you should take.

Vomiting on late stages of pregnancy
Vomiting in late pregnancy is often, and it sometimes happens out of the blue. You may feel fine, nothing portends a hint of nausea, you are happy to eat, for example, very sweet ripe plums and all of a sudden ... your stomach rebels and immediately releases it all. Vomiting during the second half of pregnancy easily occurs because of poor quality in terms of food. Pregnancy makes the digestive tract very sensitive. This is how nature protects the child.

Vomiting during the second trimester of pregnancy can occur during normal overeating. This is especially common in late pregnancy before birth. The uterus, which is now bigger,has left the stomach too little space, and this is the reason of nausea and vomiting on late pregnancy.

There is another very important reason why there is vomiting in the third trimester, at its last weeks. Many women before birth and in the first stage of labor may have very big problems, such as like bowel and stomach disorders. The body knows that hard work is better done light and free from any kind of cargo. So, if you suddenly got vomiting in the last month of pregnancy, it may indicate that you are going into labor.

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Treatment of vomiting during pregnancy is a simple healthy diet, small frequent meals, exalted position during sleep, the use of the knee-elbow position. Medications are rarely required. For more details read on measures to combat nausea, and, of course, vomiting of pregnancy on late term here.
Dangerous causes of vomiting

Vomiting is a symptom that can occur in a variety of diseases that are not related to pregnancy. There even may be illness requiring urgent surgery and threaten your life.

Dangerous combination of symptoms:

1. Vomiting and temperature occur during pregnancy in cases of poisoning, intestinal infections, acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity. So be sure to do an ultrasound of the abdomen. For example, pregnancy and appendicitis occur together, one does not exclude the other, and even if you are pregnant, appendicitis needs immediate surgery.

2. Vomiting and diarrhea during pregnancy are most often in intestinal infections. Salmonellosis. Dysentery, acute gastroenteritis of various origins may well manifest symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea. These diseases during pregnancy, of course, are very dangerous and require immediate medical care.

3. Bile vomiting during pregnancy occurs in cases where it is either too frequent, or if there is reflux of duodenal contents into the stomach (duodeno-gastric reflux, gastrointestinal disease, during which the pregnancy is usually worse). If vomit is yellow or even green,, bile, of course it is necessary to see a doctor.

4. Vomiting and abdominal pain are at the onset of labor, in surgical diseases, intestinal infections and many other diseases. Abdominal pain necessarily requires emergency advice of a doctor, call an ambulance, without hesitation.

5. Vomiting blood during pregnancy is a manifestation of a surgical disease, Melora-Weiss syndrome. If vomiting is repeated to cracks appear gagging gastric mucosa at the site where it enters the esophagus. This is a dangerous condition. In addition, the vomiting with blood occurs when stomach ulcers, varicose veins of the esophagus and other dangerous diseases. So in any case, this symptom is the reason to immediately seek medical attention.

From the above it is clear that the causes of vomiting during pregnancy is not always so harmless, and decide what to do if you are concerned about this unpleasant symptom always stands together with your doctor.

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