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Sea buckthorn oil during pregnancy

Sea buckthorn oil during pregnancySea buckthorn oil during pregnancy is one of the best medicines in the medicine cabinet for future mother. The use of sea buckthorn oil in pregnancy is possible at any stage is absolutely safe, and in the future, it has been successfully applied in various problems of the postpartum period.

Sea buckthorn oil due to its high content of vitamins (carotenoids, vitamin A derivatives) and other nutrients has pronounced wound-healing effect. Under his influence, quickly and easily heal any abrasions, burns and erosion, so that sea buckthorn oil during pregnancy has found the widest application in a variety of diseases.

Sea buckthorn is used during pregnancy because of candles and oil for oral and topical use.

Candles with sea buckthorn during pregnancy

Candles with sea buckthorn during pregnancy should be kept in the medicine cabinet for any woman. As a rule, by the end of pregnancy and immediately after birth for most women there is a not very pleasant problem as hemorrhoids.

During pregnancy it is very difficult to treat because there are very few drugs that can be applied to pregnant women. And among them - sea buckthorn oil. Candles in pregnancy with this oil perfectly safe at any stage and the only contraindication to their use is diarrhea.

Sea buckthorn oil is useful for the gastrointestinal tract - often the product becomes a real "lifesaver" for those who are suffering from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Unfortunately,  these diseases are already being available in women before pregnancy. In the course of pregnancy, the risk of acute increases significantly - here in handy sea buckthorn oil. For the prevention of exacerbations, as well as for pain relief (if the aggravation was not a party), it is recommended three times a day to drink a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil. Is often enough to use may be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms as belching, heartburn, and other specific sensations. Reduce or even eliminate their possible by adding baking soda to the oil - just a little bit on the tip of a spoon.

Sea buckthorn oil with other problems of pregnancy

- Sea buckthorn oil can be safely used in pregnancy with injuries, abrasions and burns the skin. It promotes rapid healing.

- We must warn, should not be used for the treatment of sea buckthorn fresh open wounds, consult a doctor.

- Do not use sea buckthorn oil and just received a burn, first aid for burns is to cool the damaged skin under running cold water. Just been smeared with oil burned skin immediately, you deepen and worsen a burn their condition.

- Sea buckthorn oil is used during pregnancy to strengthen the immune system and fight colds. With SARS in the early use of oils helps to lubricate the nose.

- Sea-buckthorn oil is used during pregnancy by gynecologists for the treatment of colpitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion.

-Squeezed juice of fresh berries during pregnancy strengthen the immune system of the future mother.

- Sea buckthorn oil in pregnancy can also be used topically for the prevention of stretch marks, but it is highly stain clothing, has a more pleasant and equally effective alternatives, such as olive oil.

The many facets of sea buckthorn during pregnancy and a positive influence on the course of many diseases of sea buckthorn oil has made an indispensable remedy for pregnant women, it's not a food product, namely, medicine.

Sea buckthorn can really make a great product that allows you to initially prevent and, if necessary, and to cure many of the specific diseases and conditions. Therefore, taking into account the healing properties of sea buckthorn can with a clear conscience sea oil during pregnancy always keep in extreme cases of first aid.

Facts about pregnancy: Pregnant women usually experience a heightened sense of smell beginning late in the first trimester. Some experts call this the body’s way of protecting a pregnant women from foods that are unsafe for the fetus

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