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Amniotomy is a common obstetric operation, whose purpose is to reveal fetal membranes. At present, it carried out in 7-10% of cases, and may be made ??before the
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Fashion Childbirth

Of course, talking about fashion in respect of labor a little strange. But, on the other hand, why not? Surely there must be the fashion for parenting practices,
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How to speed up labor?

This question is you can start asking yourself already with 37-38 weeks, because at the end of pregnancy, the time runs very slowly, and the woman is experiencing
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Tears in childbirth

Unfortunately, the tears during childbirth are very common, and the frequency of their primiparous older than 30 years was significantly higher. Gaps in childbirth as possible in the
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As water breaks?

Many pregnant women have concerns makes it possible that a very vague idea of how water breaks, and in that case you need to do. Let’s start a
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