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Ways To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant - Its Pregnancy
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Ways To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Couples who wish to increase chances of getting pregnant usually realize that something is wrong. Low male sperm count, ovarian cysts, blocked tubes, and all kinds of other conditions can lead to fertility problems. This is simply the body’s way of showing you that there is a problem. When a couple realizes that one partner or the other has a medical problem preventing pregnancy, usually their first reactin is to see a doctor.

Fertility specialists do not solve medical problems. Doctors trained in modern techniques specialize in “working around” problems, not resolving them. If the man has a low sperm count, the Doctor seeks to increase chances of getting pregnant by adding donor sperm. The woman could end up having someone else’s baby. The doctor may also increase chances of getting pregnant by collecting sperm from the man and an egg from the woman and fertilizing the egg using a microscope and special tools. This gives the couple a child born of science, not love.

Doctors often administer fertility drugs to increase chances of getting pregnant, and these drugs often work too well. Couples end up pregnant with two or more babies and are forced to make difficult financial or medical decisions.

Doctors also work around fertility problems by surgically inserting fertilized eggs into the woman’s body, working around cysts or blocked tubes. This technique fails many times for each success, and the couple increases chances of getting pregnant by sacrificing dozens of unborn children for the opportunity to have one success.

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Alternative methods to increase chances of getting pregnant are available. It has always been possible to correct the problems that cause infertility instead of working around them; this is just not the approach modern medical practices pursue. Instead of using technology or chemicals to “trick” a woman’s body into becoming pregnant, holistic medicine works synergistically to bring all of the necessary factors into natural alignment. A couple’s mental and emotional health are both essential components to increase chances of getting pregnant, but modern medicine ignores these components. The reproductive environment in the woman’s body must be in harmony with the task of getting pregnant, and modern medicine ignores this factor.

The ancient Chinese had no artificial chemicals or drugs to increase chances of getting pregnant, and yet the Chinese are one of the most populous peoples on earth. Researchers have rediscovered ancient Chinese techniques that align a woman’s entire system into a single, healthy reproductive being. These techniques are centuries old and yet combine seamlessly with ultramodern naturopathic strategies to create a new, holistic approach to increase chances of getting pregnant.

Each program is tailored for the needs of a specific couple, just the way ancient Chinese practitioners tailored cures for their patients. After all, if a patient had painful joints or sore muscle, herbs to cure a headache wouldn’t be given, would they? This program follows those same ancient practices, customizing treatments for individual needs to increase chances of getting pregnant and bring a healthy balance to a couple’s physical, mental and spiritual relationship.

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