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Positions for conception are important or not? - Its Pregnancy
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Positions for conception are important or not?

From a scientific point it doesn’t matter what position to have sex, if the sperm has gotten into your vagina and you are ready to conceive – it will take. The best positions for conceiving a child is one of the existing myths that have no proven medical evidence.

However, for some reason, even our grandmothers knew the favorable positions for conception, and passed this knowledge down from generation to generation. Surely your mother in intimate conversation could whisper to you what positions to conceive a child you should use in order to conceive quickly, and even increasing their chances of birth of the heir to the desired sex. Digress from the skepticism of modern medicine and look at the posture of sex for conception through the eyes of people’s experience of nature and those uncomplicated explanations, which are the supporters of this or that position.

The best position for conception Which position best for conception? Looking back on the wildlife and nature, we can see that almost all members of the mammals conceive their offspring in the posture, which in common parlance is called “pose cancer” or “doggy-style,” like a dog. Despite the fact that for many women, this is the idea of the correct position for conceiving a child seems a little humiliating, often it is it allows you to get the strongest orgasm, but when it comes to the rapid conception, it agrees to any, even the proud lady. A majority of men and without any plans for the future of her offspring is chosen to give complete control over the woman and thus a maximum of pleasure. The best position for conception of those that are most common and widely known – the so-called missionary. Perhaps it is the people it is often practiced, and for this purpose. All successful positions for conception are horizontal, as it is believed that the use of the vertical position (for example, poses rider), the chances of successful fertilization are lower, since the sperm derived from the vagina. From the standpoint of science there is no difference, what postures for conception you will use, since in any case when you have sex in the genital tract of women gets more than enough sperm, and only the excess will spill over.

Moreover, the sperm after ejaculation is normal becomes gel-like consistency, which prevents leakage of only 15-20 minutes, it again becomes liquid, but this time more than enough to make the most active sperm penetrated deep enough into the cervix. In addition, there are a lot of bias in the selection of postures conducive to conceiving a child, there are many myths regarding the fact that there are certain postures that contribute to conceive the baby you want sex. Is this true? Positions for conception Effective girl poses for conception of a particular sex have been the subject of research of mankind for millennia, since fetal sex has always been of great importance to his parents.

Perhaps, if the ideal position for conception, a baby male or female would be really invented, mankind would have been on the verge of extinction. Since it has not happened, we can safely conclude that if the position during intercourse and influences such as this, the impact is minimal and is unlikely to take it into account. However, not only the position of the sex effect on conception, there are many other factors that increase the chances, so if you use just about anything is possible, the probability of birth of girls is higher. Here, only the touch of posture and exactly how it may affect fertilization. All effective postures for conceiving a child – a girl based on the difference between sperm carrying male or female sex chromatin. Women, X-chromosome carries more weight than men, and it makes carrying a female genotype sperm heavier and less mobile, but they stable in the environment and live longer.

The most effective position for conceiving a girl means the maximum long way to the egg, that is, it poses a minimal intrusion. These postures primarily include the missionary position the woman lies on her back, and a man over her face to face, the pose lying on its side, the man from behind and, of course, pose, when a woman lies on her stomach, and a man enters it from the top behind. It is believed that not only the correct position for conception, plays a role: – A woman can have an orgasm, since it makes the cervix sucking motion, and the environment of the vagina changes, creating an ideal environment for sperm, and thus increases the probability of conceiving a boy. – A man should abstain from sex at least a week before sexual intercourse, and after him have to protect themselves from pregnancy or to abstain from sex for 2-3 days. – In addition, sexual intercourse to conceive a girl to take place over two days before the expected ovulation, and men do not contra-bath (after the overheating of the number of active sperm with male sex chromatin is reduced). Which poses for the conception of a girl would you choose, it is worth remembering that a 100% guarantee sex of the child will not let any one method of planning, conception, etc. Effectively to conceive a boy or a girl allows only one method of IVF. Positions for conception picture girls poses for a photo of conceiving a child poses for a picture of conceiving a child poses for a baby boy What are the best positions to conceive a boy?

Based on the fact that the male sex cells carrying the Y-chromosome lightweight, flexible, but at the same time vulnerable, the most favorable position for a baby boy means deeper penetration, and female orgasm. You can use a version of the missionary position with the woman’s pelvis is planted under a pillow, or a position in which a woman is in the supine position, and her feet are on the shoulders of men. Recommended as such poses as a sex standing up, the woman leans forward while leaning on the bed or table, and the man enters her from behind, as well as all versions of rider positions. In the posture with deep penetration of a woman is often easier to reach orgasm, and this also contributes to conceive a boy. Perhaps, the positions for the birth of the boys love the whole book, the Kama Sutra. Positions for conception, taken from her, most of them are the ones with deep penetration … Optimum position for conception is not the only condition, “guaranteeing” the birth of an heir. – What is important is sex just before ovulation, and the long-term abstinence before him is not desirable, the sperm must be constantly updated. – Not too hot, go to the sauna and bath, as it affects the quality of sperm. – It is important to give full attention to foreplay and bring a woman to orgasm, and it should be simultaneous with the male.

Pose for a baby boy, pictures postures for conception, pregnancy photo poses for pictures in the best positions for conception, photo Bend cancer, poses for pregnancy What better position for conception in the uterus bend? Perhaps this is the only pathology that can affect the possibility of having a child and in which certain postures are recommended by the obstetricians. Women who suffer from bend of the uterus, it is in the wrong position, the body of the uterus declined from the axis of the vagina, the sperm and the cervix is difficult to reach and penetrate. As a result, the conception does not occur. Moreover, very often women experience pain during intercourse, and of course, about orgasm in such circumstances it is not. Pose for a quick conception with poppies bend based on the fact that at a certain position of a woman uterus, the cervix and vagina are in the right relationship, resulting in sexual intercourse is not painful and it becomes enjoyable, and lost an obstacle to the penetration of sperm into the cervix. In most cases, this posture is “doggy-style,” but there are different versions of the bend, and should consult a gynecologist, it is precisely during the inspection will tell you what poses the most fertile in your particular case. Does the position of conceiving? Summing up – Easy Pose for conception is still more myth than reality. Have sex as you like, and how do you get more pleasure as the absence of pregnancy, most often in a much more serious reason than not a position for sex. – Pose for the conception of a particular sex – also one does not scientifically proven myths. Although if you really want a child of a particular sex – why not try. At least half the time you really have success (the probability of a baby boy or girl – 50/50 anyway).

– Does not really matter what position for conception, was chosen as the fact that you made ??after the act of love. If you immediately jump into the shower and run – your chances are significantly reduced. After the love lie down quietly under the pelvis can put a pillow or squeeze your knees to your stomach. Some of the ladies, especially sports practiced pose of birch, conceived as simplified as you provide a pelvic inverted by 180 degrees from its natural position. Pose birch Some particularly advanced couples manage to even engage in sex in the pose of birch trees, but you have to warn you against this practice, as all injuries can result in unpleasant, such as damage to the spinal woman, be careful. You can practice a similar position after sex, even if it does not conceive a child – natreniruete muscle. And yet, most importantly …

Children appear most often when they least expect it. Sometimes it is more important psychologically to relax in order to achieve success, than to practice yoga in bed, causing inconvenience to each other. Love to you and the birth of desirable and healthy children.

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