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When does your belly start to grow?

bellyWhen a belly appears during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women are often concerned with the question: "When belly appears?" or "On what week appears belly?”. This is not surprising, because everyone wants to know what to wait. Someone's wedding coming up, and they need to know what style of dress to buy, and someone has to decide when and how to tell the authorities on the workplace about interesting position.

Someone may already be planning a summer or winter wardrobe, but do not know what size to choose. But there is no simple answer how many weeks will last till stomach appears.

But the divergence terms of its appearance is not great. Most often, the stomach appears in 14-16 week. Sometimes, already at 7 weeks of pregnancy the woman can’t put on favorite clothes. But in most cases it is not caused by the growth of the belly, but with a slight increase in body weight of pregnant women.

And there are cases where up to 20 weeks of pregnancy were no external manifestations of stomach which is very distressed for pregnant. But even this late appearance of the abdomen is a version of the norm and not a reason do get worry. And keep in mind that time when stomach appears does not affect its final size. It may appear at 12 weeks, but that does not mean that by the fortieth he will be very large.

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In addition, many doctors recommend wear a bandage till the moment when the belly starts to appear. But we don’t recommend this for all. Not all pregnant women have to wear a brace testimony.
What affects the growth of the belly?
The following factors influence the stomach:
1. Body structure of women before pregnancy. One can’t argue that the more a woman is prone to gain weight, then the sooner she will have noticeable belly. Quite the contrary! After the first few weeks the fetus is still very small, and the slight increase of the uterus is almost imperceptible to others. But if the woman is very thin, even quite a small change in her tummy can be noticed.

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2. The size of the baby. Here the principle is simple and straightforward, the greater grew the kid, the more grows the uterus, and therefore the stomach. Moreover, up to 15-18 weeks the fetus is growing slowly, and abdominal circumference change compared with the previous week is not great. And after this date you can notice stomach grow almost every day.

3. Not the last role plays the amount of amniotic fluid. If they are a little bit more fluid than the norm, then belly can appear faster. If less than the norm, then the belly respectively appear a little later. The deviation in the amount of water on the small stage of pregnancy is normal and should not be a cause for concern. The fact that the amount of water and the development of the child may be slightly ahead of each other, but by the middle of pregnancy, everything should return to normal.
So now you know to what terms you should expect the tummy and what affects its size and nothing will prevent your plans go real.

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