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Sex After Childbirth - Its Pregnancy
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Sex After Childbirth

Having sex after giving birth
Many people like to make a joke, asking the question: is there sex after childbirth? Of course there is! It will not get anywhere, do not worry much about it. Let’s look at the new nuances of this intimate process after birth.
Please be patient while your body recovers a little. By the standard procedure doctors do not recommend having sex during two months after vaginal delivery. After cesarean section doctors advise to refrain from intimate life for at least a month and a half. Such recommendations are well founded, because the woman’s body after the colossal work loads has the right to rest. Also, to avoid getting infections, it is undesirable to have sex until you have stopped bleeding after delivery. Usually this bleeding lasts from 2 weeks to a month.

Certainly, the rate of recovery is individual. Listen to your feelings. Visit your gynecologist to be sure. If it is absolutely unbearable to wait, but recommended abstinence period has not passed yet, you can have sex but be careful!

Many women experience difficult period after pregnancy, also known as fourth trimester

Remember that postpartum vaginal dryness is a common problem, especially if you are breastfeeding (falling levels of the hormone estrogen, which, in particular, promotes the release of grease). Be sure to use lubricants (substitute natural lubrication).

Having sex after giving birth. Such traditions
Rumor has it that some gypsies have a custom that postpartum woman should spend the night with her husband and have an intimate relationship. It is believed that if, immediately after giving birth Gypsy doesn’t not sleep with her husband, she will cheat on him in future.

According to other sources, the woman can’t be touched by a man for 40 days after childbirth. It, obviously depends on the perception of this fact and the state of woman. It is possible that you will be not up to the charms of sex life in the nearest future. Many young mothers’ most great desire during first months after birth is this the normal sleep. Now much greater emphasis will be given to a new member of the family, not the husband. Hence, perhaps, is the reduced sexual desire.
Having sex after giving birth. New Schedule
Try to arrange your schedule – feeding, walking, chores around the house. Once the life flows into a rhythm it becomes much easier. The first few months after birth bring not only a change from the previous regime, but also serious hormonal changes. The main thing is not to lose heart, talk to your husband about what you care about. If fatigue takes over – do not be shy to ask for help, and not only the husband, try to connect family and friends. The new period of life, which you have to get used to, has just entered your life. But, if you cope with all of the problems together with your husband, it would become a strong basis for future relationship.

It is important not to rely on the off chance, and take care of contraception, even if the postpartum period is still on you breastfeed your baby! Breastfeeding only temporarily reduces fertility, but does not eliminate it entirely and a new ovulation is possible.

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