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Stitches after giving birth

womanStitches after giving birth complicate the first month after birth for many women. Breaks of the cervix and perineum during childbirth are very common. After birth, the doctor examines the reproductive tract, and if injuries are revealed, superimposed seams. Things do not always flow smoothly, because it is such a crotch portion of the body where healing is difficult, and the situation where puerperal separated stitches after childbirth are common.
How they look like after the birth?

It is painful sensations seal reaching almost an adhesion of the labia often in the side and back, rarely exceeding the length of 2-3 cm. In the first few days stitches are much rubbed, causing much suffering, after removing them you will feel relief. Sometimes superimposed cosmetic intradermal stitches, it is not felt, and is better tolerated.
Why are stitches sore after giving birth?

Because, it is a stitched wound, which appeared as a result of rupture or incision of the perineum.
How long joints are sore after birth?
A week later, you will feel much better, but a full recovery will be in about 8 weeks or even six months ...

Let's see what the seams are, how they are applied and how women are treated in the future.

- Internal stitches after childbirth imposed on the breaks of the cervix and vagina, usually does not hurt and does not require any special care. Inseams are usually imposed from absorbable materials, they do not need to be removed, does not need any smear or douche, but you need to provide a complete sexual rest for at least 2 months after delivery.

- Very sore joints on the perineum after giving birth; here they are in less than ideal conditions.

- In order that the wound healed well, she needs rest and aseptic. It is impossible to fully ensure both, mother will still have to get up to the child, will have to go., You can’t impose any bandage in this area, and postpartum discharge create a breeding ground for germs, which is why quite common situation is that the seams after childbirth dispersed.

- Seams at the crotch after birth can be applied using different techniques and from different materials, but it is almost always removable sutures, they must be removed for 5-7 days. Most often, if all goes well they are removed in the hospital before discharge.

- Treatment of joints after birth at the hospital made by midwife, it can do both at the sight chair or right in the ward, usually treated with brilliant green two times a day. In the first two weeks after childbirth pain is very pronounced, it is hard to walk, sitting is prohibited, moms can feed only lying, eat while standing or lying down.

After the stitches are removed and woman discharged from the hospital she can’t normally sit still until 3 weeks after birth. First, you can just sit down sideways on a firm place and you have to go back from the hospital reclining in the back seat of the car.

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How long stitches are healed after giving birth?

Not less than 6 weeks, you will feel discomfort in the zone of stitches, and the first time they have to be very carefully looked after.
Caring for stitches after childbirth:

- Bioresorbable sutures after delivery in the vagina and in cervix does not require special care.

- External seams after delivery require careful maintenance. They usually made using a removable suture.

- Once you have stitches you have to wash yourself with clean water with the addition of potassium permanganate, and dry thoroughly with a clean towel after each visit to the toilet.

- Gaskets need to be changed very often, because the seams need dry, the seams will be cared by a midwife, while you are in hospital.

- Suture removal after delivery not painful procedure, which largely eliminates the discomfort.

Dehiscence postpartum often occurs in the first days or immediately after the removal of stitches, rarely later. The reasons could be different: sitting down early, sudden movements and as a complication of festering stitches after childbirth. This is not a frequent complication that occurs when severe perineal tears, grade 2-3.

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If the inflamed joint after birth, there was redness, sharp pain in the perineum, possible removal of sutures to complete healing of the wound, it is not very good, because it's a wound heals more severe scarring.
How to handle the seams after delivery? Gynecologist recommends:

If the first period was good, healing of stitches after childbirth goes without complications after discharge from the hospital you will require a hygienic measures.
When the stitches heal completely after birth?

On average, the discomfort in everyday life disappears after 2 weeks, but sex after childbirth with stitches will be unpleasant for at least 2 months after birth. The healing of joints formed scar that narrows the entrance to the vagina, making sex painful.

After delivery, the outer seams can be felt for a long time, up to six months, as a seal in this area, but in the future they are completely absorbed.
When should you suspect that something is wrong:

- If you have already sent home, and the seam are bleeding after birth. Sometimes stitches are bleeding after childbirth as a result of differences wounds you can’t see yourself.

- A feeling of heaviness, bloating, pain in the perineum can talk about the accumulation of hematoma (blood) in the area of injury. Usually it happens in the first three days after delivery, you will be still in the hospital, tell your doctor about your feeling.

- Sometimes the seams after birth fester after discharge from the hospital. At the same time you can feel a painful swelling in the area of the wound, the skin is hot, body’s temperature can rise.

In all these cases it is necessary to see a gynecologist.

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